DNR remote control for Citroën AMI Electric and Opel Rocks-e

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Touchscreen DNR remote control for Citroën AMI Electric and Opel Rocks-e

The DNR buttons on the left of the driver are always active, even with the DNR remote control.

This set consists of 2 electronic modules:

- USB DNR remote control with remote USB connector

The keys are tactile, just touch the keys with your fingertip to activate them

The DNR letters are visible at night with dim red backlighting to avoid glare.

- Remote control reception module

WARNING: This version is not compatible with our reversing light electronics.

NB: Color of the remote control closest to the AMI and the Rocks-e

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The activation module is installed in parallel with the DNR buttons (D - Forward, N - Neutral, R- Reverse) and the cables, this module is housed in the free space under the DNR buttons.

The remote control module is connected to the USB connector on the AMI dashboard.

The USB female socket of the remote control does not support charging Apple products

There are no wires to pass between the remote control module and the activation module.

The wireless link between the two modules is made by radio frequency

These modules are self-powered by the wiring in place.

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