Anti-glare sun visor for Citroën AMI Electric - Opel Rocks-e

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Sliding anti-glare sun visor for Citroën AMI 100% Electric - Opel Rocks-e
Prevents glare without obstructing the driver's view.
Immediately improves the field of vision in the event of glare from the sun or headlights, in order to obtain a safer and more comfortable driving experience.
Easy fixing thanks to our clips on the metal structure of the Citroën AMI - Opel Rocks-e
Compatible with Wide View Interior Mirror
Assembly without loss of warranty from Citroën
Before placing an order, please check that there is a free space above the metal structure of 10 mm.

Material: 100% polycarbonate acrylic

Size: 330 x 130mm

Weight: 200g