3rd brake light + reversing light kit

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3rd LED brake light with integrated reversing light and buzzer, the reversing light control electronics are included in the price.

Complete set for easy assembly within everyone's reach

Without loss of manufacturer's warranty.

ATTENTION: Version not compatible with the DNR remote control

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Shipping within 2 to 3 weeks

Composition of the set:

- brake & reversing light unit

- 1 reverse gear detection module

- 1 reversing light activation module

- 2 m cable for connection

- 1.6 m supply cable for the brake light protected by a sheath and a 1A fuse

- 14 cable clamps for fixing the cable and the activation module to the structure

- waterproof connectors interposed between the brake light connectors on the driver's side

- wire outputs for the reversing camera

Facility :

The 3rd brake light - reversing light is fixed inside by two adhesives at the bottom of the rear window.

The cable and connectors must be slid behind the interior walls to reach the driver's side brake light.

Afterwards, simply disconnect the brake light connector and insert the cable coming from the 3rd brake light by connecting the connectors provided for this purpose. A wire for the brake light supply is to be connected to the +12V of the service battery. This wire is protected by a sheath and a 1A fuse.

The detection module is inserted between the DNR buttons (D - Forward, N - Neutral, R- Reverse) and the cables, this module is housed in the free space under the DNR buttons.

The activation module is connected to the connector awaiting the 3rd brake light, this module is fixed to the metal structure using two cable ties provided on delivery.

There are no wires to pass between the detection module and the activation module.

The wireless link between the two modules is made by radio frequency

These modules are self-powered by the wiring in place.

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