DNR Remote Control Kit + Reversing Light for Citröen AMI and Opel Rocks-e

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DNR touchscreen remote control with reversing light and 3rd brake light for Citroën AMI Electric and Opel Rocks-e
The DNR keys on the left of the driver are always active with the DNR remote control.
This kit includes:
- Reversing light - 3rd brake light
- DNR remote control with reverse gear detection
Just touch the keys with your fingertip to activate them
DNR letters are visible at night with dim red backlighting
The USB female socket of the remote control does not support charging Apple products
- DNR remote control receiving module
- Reversing light activation module with intermittent sound signal, an additional output for the reversing camera

Made to order - Shipping between 3 to 4 weeks

Composition of the set:

- 1 3rd brake light & reversing light
- 1 DNR remote control with reverse gear detection option
- 1 DNR remote control receiving module
- 1 reversing light activation module
- 2 m cable for connection
- 1.6 m supply cable for the brake light protected by a sheath and a 1A fuse
- 14 cable clamps for fixing the cable and the activation module to the structure
- waterproof connectors interposed between the brake light connectors on the driver's side
- wire outputs for the reversing camera

Facility :

- The 3rd brake light - reversing light is fixed inside by two adhesive tapes at the bottom of the rear window. The cable and connectors must be slid behind the interior walls to reach the driver's side brake light. Afterwards, simply disconnect the brake light connector and insert the cable coming from the 3rd brake light by connecting the connectors provided for this purpose. A wire for the brake light supply is to be connected to the +12V of the service battery. This wire is protected by a sheath and a 1A fuse.
The DNR remote control reception module is installed in parallel with the DNR buttons (D - Forward, N - Neutral, R - Reverse) and the cables, this module is housed in the free space under the DNR buttons.
The DNR remote control is connected to the USB connector on the AMI dashboard.
- The activation module is fixed to the metal structure using two cable ties provided on delivery.
A specific harness inserted between the brake light on the driver's side, allows the resumption of power supplies, the outputs to a 3rd brake light and a reversing light.
- The DNR remote control is housed in the USB socket on the dashboard.

There are no wires to pass between the modules. The wireless link between the modules is made by radio frequency.
These modules are self-powered by the wiring in place.
The activation of the reversing light is done thanks to the detection of the reverse gear which is in the remote control, therefore it is inactive on the DNR buttons located to the left of the driver.